Sunday, 6 May 2012

Are there any Leaders left

Like everyone with eyes and ears I have been following the different elections in Europe over the last couple of weeks and there is one thing that is very clear: People are Angry! They feel betrayed by their leaders and they are looking for alternatives; and there certainly are alternatives out there for them, but are they really the sort of people that can create the change we feel that we so desperately need. I have to be honest here and say that I have been pretty lost for an answer. I have been looking at all the new movements, all the alternatives and failing to see much difference from one to the next. What am I missing?

Today I was given my missing link. Here I am sat in a Cafe indulging in a coffee and a good conversation when my friend says these simple words: “There are no leaders today, because they have no ideology.” They don't believe in anything? Or at least don’t believe in the promises they are making us, promises that we so hungrily lap up. I know, that is a pretty big statement to make. You look at some of today’s leaders and you think ‘surely Obama, Merkel, even funny man Ed Miliband believe in their policies, and the benefit they will have for society right?’ The thing is I am genuinely not that sure that they do. They exist and function in a system that depends on the exploitation of the masses, the suppression of truth, the destruction of community, identity, belief and hope. A system that is hell bent on turning us into self obsessed little wage-slaves that exist hand to mouth and are blind to life and the beauty of the world we are so eagerly destroying in the name of 'progress'. To believe that such a system is the correct way forward for humanity is pathological. A real leader, a man or woman of conviction, would not be pushing for such a system to continue, a real leader with ideals would stop the cycle of violence, they would not make their people homeless, starve children, cut education budgets, pensions, and healthcare because “If we don't reduce the deficit there will be nothing left for the future.” Our leaders today are the puppets of this system. Manipulated by private interests, greed, and self-importance.    

You are more than welcome to disagree with me, after all that is the beauty of independent thought. Just ask yourself though, do you believe anything that today’s “Leaders” tell you? Do they even look like they believe in the words that are coming out of their mouths? I don’t.  

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