Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My family, my Heroes

I haven’t written one of these in a while, I could make excuses but the simple truth is that I couldn't finish a single post. Politics is all the same lies and manipulation, human rights are trampled regardless of how indignant I might feel about it, and life keeps ticking over with people focusing on their own stuff and trying to feel their way blindly through a maze of social protocols and expectations that would take the rest of my life to analyse and work on, so those stay as work in progress. With the holidays coming up though I have been thinking of my family a lot, I live 1646 miles or 2648 kilometers away from them (according to google), that is a 26h drive or a 3h flight, I see them twice a year for a week if I am lucky. This is my opportunity to share with the world why my family is amazing, why I am so lucky to have them, and how they have made me who I am today.

I am going to start with my Grandma or nana, her name is Nadejda (meaning Hope), she is 79 and one of the toughest people I know, she makes the best cakes in the world. Ever since I can remember my nana has been teaching me to cook, knit, crochet, and how to be stubborn. She has taught me the importance of always having something in case you have guests and to always treat your guests like kings. She has passed on to me her love for food and for spoiling people rotten with it. Despite her short temper and peppery tongue I love her dearly and there is nothing like walking through the door straight into her arms.

THAT Smile that we all love!
My Brother Alex, wow where do I begin. He was the sweetest most lovely little boy, always smiling, always drawing or building things. He has these big brown eyes that are so kind, but sparkle with such humour and combined with his cheeky smile people must instantly fall in love with him. He has the biggest heart, and is the most selfless man I know. If a friend of his ever needs anything Alex will give it to him, not lend, not let them borrow but give.

He has the BEST sense of humour in a human being, he tells jokes with such flare and perfect timing, being ever so slightly sarcastic and ironic in his delivery. He loves nature in an honest way.
My Brother Alex

I have not been the greatest sister, for most of his life I haven’t really been there because I live so far away, or if we were in the same place because I was too young, self absorbed and stupid to realise what a great friend I had right there next to me. Despite all the bad sister stuff that I have done - which he rightfully teases me about - I know that he always has my back and that is I was ever in need he would be there for me.

Finally my beautiful mom, Bibbi, my best friend and my soul mate.
She is a bookaholic, and its where I get my love for the written word from, she reads EVERYTHING, the day my mom stops ready is the day my world will crumble or the day we stop publishing books. She is a geek too! She reads all the techno pages and knows more about the technological trends that most young people I know, she has been reading e-books for well over 10 years so the Amazon’s Kindle wasn’t the revolutionary bit of kit in her eyes that some of us see it as. Another thing my mom has given me is my love for blankets and pyjamas! There is nothing better than being curled in on the sofa in my jimjams with my mom two books a blanket and when I was little hot chocolate, now that i am grown up its beer or wine but it serves the same purpose, reading and cuddling is thirsty work people!   

Me and my mom at my graduation 2009She is my brother’s and my biggest fan, but as our mom she has little choice in the matter. She has given me the confidence to pursue my dreams, to get up when I all I want to do is lay down. She has so much strength and beauty in her and she doesn’t even know it. Her faith in me has remained unshaken even through my most stupid decisions, and in my darkest hour she is the light that leads me back to life. She has taught me that honesty is the only way, she has always reminded me to be empathetic to other people’s problems, to be polite, considerate, and open to the difference in people. She calls me on all my bullsh*t and reminds me to look after myself. Her love has always been around me to keep me safe.  

My dear family, thank you for being who you are, for your love and your support! And to anyone that has bothered to read this far, go tell your family how much you love them, I promise you it will be the best thing you did this week!